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About: Spike and Buffy find themselves under yet another spell, one that seizes their bodies and not their minds, and forces them to get uncomfortably close, regardless of how much they hate each other.

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Language, explicit sexual content, mutual dubious consent

Original Publication Date: 2006

Revised Edition: 2021

DISCLAIMER/A FEW THINGS ABOUT THIS STORY: I honestly didn’t see a problem with it when I wrote it. It was a different time then! Dubious consent was all the rage. And this was MUTUAL dubious consent so, it’s like it didn’t even count! Or something. Really, I have no excuse, except I was young and dumb and maybe not in that order. Just keep that in mind as I make our favorite couple get much closer than they want to be (at first, at least).

Also, this fic takes extreme liberties with perhaps the worst episode in all of BtVS: Where the Wild Things Are. Like, the logic behind that episode flies out of the window here

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