I first came to the Buffy fandom in 2002, between my junior and senior years of high school. I stopped actively writing Buffy fanfiction in 2010, after I graduated college and transitioned into writing original fiction. The eight years I spent in the fandom were some of the happiest of my life. I enjoyed every moment (aside from the petty dramas that now seem beyond ridiculous), and though I’ve been out of fandom for nearly a decade, I maintain fandom loyalty and still have fandom-related dreams. Spike and Buffy will always be my OTP. So thank you to everyone who made it awesome, and thank you to those who still email me. I love hearing that my work still resonates with readers, because fanfic readers and other authors were, by far, my greatest teachers.

Without the friends I made and the amazing fandom community, my growth as a writer would have been stunted. I did more writing in the Spuffy fanfic community throughout college than in any of my classes, even though I majored in Creative Writing. I truly feel the foundation of my vocation was built in the fanfic community, both in crafting stories and in learning how to identify flaws. Because of my experience writing and editing others’ work, I am today a freelance fiction editor with numerous clients and a very full schedule. I also spent three wonderful years contracting manuscripts and working with authors at Samhain Publishing, and I have nineteen publications (four of which are currently out of print) because of my fandom experience. All can be found under my penname, Rosalie Stanton.